Holidays, Gjiknuri and Çela Distribute Gifts in Saranda’s Orphanage

The Minister of Energetic and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri and the Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) General Director, Ardian Çela visited on Tuesday the “Children House” in Saranda in the framework of the holiday’ season. They distributed gifts for the children of this center as part of the financial help given to this institution.
“OSHEE is assisting the social categories and the people in need thanks to a successful cooperation with the citizens, and the payment on time of the energy bills. I want to address an appeal to the citizens to contribute, within their possibilities, by offering something to the children’s house,” said Gjiknuri.
Meanwhile the OSHEE General Director, Çela laid the stress on the fact that since more than a year this company has established the social responsibility sector and is participating in similar project all over the country.
“This visit in Saranda’s “Children House” is the first of a long line during this last week of 2016,” declared Çela.