Electricity Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE)

Electricity Power Distribution System Operator (OSSHEE) is a legal actor, responsible for the safe, credible and effective operation of distribution system, guaranteeing maintenance and increase of distribution system, extended in a certain area. Operator of the Electricity Distribution system owns Electricity Power Distribution system of high, medium and low voltage power, in order to provide energy to the clients, where the limit with the transmission system is defined by law.  Duties of the Electricity Power Distribution system are:

  1. operate a safe, credible and effective distribution system;
  2. increase distribution network, in compliance with the country economic development and foreseen requirements for the energy power distribution;
  3. connecting onto the distribution system all clients and/or producers, on the nondiscriminatory and transparent basis, as foreseen in the regulations in force;
  4. guarantee a nondiscriminatory access onto the distribution system of the clients, in compliance with the legal provisions in force;
  5. guarantee to its customers the right information to effectively get access and use of the distribution system;
  6. assemble and submit to the Transmitting System Operator necessary data on the market functioning of the energy market, in compliance with the law, market rules and regulations for changing supplier;
  7. protect confidentiality on the market sensitive information, attained while carrying out its activities;
  8. procure electricity power to cover losses in the distribution network, in compliance with the nondiscriminatory and transparent procedures. Energy Regulator Entity (ERE) approves energy procurement procedures, after Energy Distribution System Operator proposal;
  9. outline standardized profile of the electric load for certain category of clients;
  10. keep record on the licensed companies which supply energy;
  11. guarantee its customers, free and upon agreement, access on the electricity meter data, for which the customer has signed a supply contract.