Distribution Operator

Power distribution is conducted by distribution system operator, which is legal actor, licensed by ERE, according to provisions of this law.

Distribution System Operator OSHEE owns energy distribution system of high, medium and low voltage, in order to deliver power to its clients, where the limit with the transmission system is defined according to respective law.

Distribution System Operator OSHEE is responsible for:

  • guarantee a safe and stable distribution system;
  • meet demands for power distribution;
  • maintenance and safe operation of power distribution system throughout the territory for which the company is licensed;

Distribution System Operator OSHEE offers nondiscriminatory service for all its users, who meet requirements defined in this law and other legal acts. OSHEE respects high quality indicators and requirements foreseen in technical regulations.

Power Distribution System develops on the principle of lowest cost, in compliance with the legislation for urban planning, the rights to property, environment protection, protection of peoples’ life and health, as well efficient usage of energy.

Power Distribution System establishes and processes all types of collected data, communications, and technology system. Depending on the possibilities, parts of communication structure and/or high speed communication network can be given on use without damaging and endangering its activities and networks within the legislation framework, in accordance with the ERE opinion.


Distribution network

Technical Indicators