Energy Thefts, OSHEE Inspections in Shkodra District

Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) continued on Saturday the inspections in Shkodra district aiming to give a harsh blow to the energy theft in the northern district. The inspections are being conducted with the support of Shkodra police to prevent any incident between OSHEE employees and the violators.
OSHEE employees have been detained so far by the police on suspicion of favoring energy theft. Fatmir Selvija, Edmond Lishi and Aleksander Rroku have been detained along with the citizens Sadik Hyseni, Shyqyri Bilali, Ylber Stafa, Fahri Tusha and Pal Marashi.
sources informed that this large scale raid against energy theft is still ongoing. A total of 31 people have been legally prosecuted on charges of malfeasance on duty.