Energy Trade

OSHEE imports energy to fully cover the Distribution System losses. Referring to the indices of the import export balance over the 1985 – 2014, notices that up to the 1998, (except the 1990) our country has been a net exporter of electricity power. Over the 1998 – 2014, except the 2010, our country is e net exporter of energy power.

During the 2014, efficiency of electricity power trading continued to decrease compared to the previous periods, however this year marks improving tend compared to the period 2011 – 2013, referring to the defined indices at the level of power consuming efficiency which are:

  • High level of losses in the energy power distribution
  • Low level of accumulation of invoicing

General losses reported by the Company for the 2014 reach to 37.81% marking a significant rebate. Total level of accumulation reported by OSHEE sh.a is 91.9%, versus the invoicing energy of the 2014.