Gjiknuri: Low Temperatures, Test for OSHEE Investments

gjiku 2
The energy consume increase due to the extremely low temperatures has been a test for the Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) network investments. This fact was evidenced by the Minister of Energetic and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri during an inspection of the works for Selita electrical sub-station expansion.
“Power supply interruptions were much lower while the defects were repaired within a shorter period of time, an indicator of the system alert and investments efficiency. I want to guarantee every citizen that despite the bad weather conditions OSHEE will continue to remain in maximal alert resolving within shortest period of time any failure that may be registered,” said Gjiknuri.
He stressed that despite the fact that much more needs to be done people should not forget that 3 years ago the system was dying due to the ill-management.