Government Forgive Interest on Arrears for Pensioners and Families in Need

The annual bonus of 6000 ALL is not the only gift of Government for the pensioners this year.
Government launches a new amnesty that will forgive the interest on arrears for all unpaid bills for electric energy. Prime Minister Edi Rama unveiled new amnesty this Sunday during his weekly communication with citizens.
“Government will forgive all the interest on arrears for unpaid bills for electricity, for pensioners, families with economic aid and persons with disabilities,” informed Rama.
According to PM this decision is part of the
solidarity package made possible after a good management of the Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE).
66.539 pensioners and families in need will benefit from this amnesty but they should pay regularly the monthly bill in the future.
“They will have their arrears fines zero, against a symbolic payment of 20 ALL,” said Rama.