Losses in Electrical Grid Dropped Below 23.96%

According to the Administrator, Adrian Cela, the company has had a good performance in general, achieving the objectives despite the many difficulties.
Moreover, Cela stated that the level of losses dropped below 24%, from 26.4 in 2017.
“If we make a comparison with the the period up to 4 years ago, where losses were 37.8%, today’s result is due to continuous work, full of sacrifice, well managing and determination to return in normality a firm that was collapsing. Today, OSHEE is able to invest, pay taxes and pay the debt, due to the reduction of losses and the increase of income,” said Cela.
The amount of income for 2018 reached ALL 65.7 billion, or 2 billion more than 2017, thus exceeding the income of 2015 when reforms began. Recall that in 2014, income was about All 49.1 billion.
This increase of income has enabled the firm to fund projects for improving the quality of service.
Moreover, Cela announced that 39,394 complaints were recorded in 2018, from 62,507 in 2017, with a decrease of 37% that proves the improved quality in service and billing.
In the end, Cela declared that OSHEE will continue with the investment plan to further improve the quality of electricity supply. During 2015-2018, approximately ALL 33 billion was invested, while the plan for 2019 is about ALL 8.5 billion.