OSHEE: USD 200 Million Interest-Rates Lowered by the Reform

16587090_10154449357101523_5275702939397495392_oThe reform in the energetic sector did not generate just incomes increase for the Electricity Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE). Thanks to the mitigation schemes the citizens also gained a reduction of their interest-rates.
The data collected during these 8-months of 2017 indicate that some 339,000 subscribers benefited from these mitigation schemes with a total value of around USD 200 million. The half of this reduction value belongs to the categories in need, such as families with economic aid, retired individuals and handicapped subscribers. OSHEE informs that over 60.000 subscribers had the opportunity to effectuate payments of ALL 1000 or ALL 1200 each month, and if they respect the terms of agreement the entire interest rate is cancelled within a 6-months period of time.
All of these mitigation schemes were implemented while the reform consolidated the energy sector by implementing the law on bill payment, cashing increase, fight against informality and energy burglars, energy losses decrease thanks even to the investment program.
The amount of sold energy results to 2.7% higher or ALL 1.2 billion, compared with the 8-month period of 2016.
A total sum o f ALL 42.7 billion has been collected through cashing, while the level of energy losses dropped to 27.5 from 28.1 of last year.