Privacy policies

OSHEE sh.a, fairly and legally collects and processes personal data of its clients, in fulfillment of its legal and contractual rights and obligations, and in compliance with the Law no. 9887, date 10.03.2008 “For protection of personal data” (changed).

OSHEE sh.a. collects subjects’ personal data, who submit directly and voluntarily while filling forms to receive electricity invoice, submit complains, or send demands in company’s official web page

OSHEE sh.a. guarantees individuals their personal data will be collected and processed with the exclusive aim to accomplish contractual relationship providing electric power.

Using portal and/or confirming registration, subjects agree on further processing their personal data and guarantee that personal data submitted are accurate, real and up to date. Personal data individual is responsible on updating recorded personal data ensuring accuracy and keeping up to date.

Personal data subjects have the right of free and easy access to their personal data, ask their data to be redressed, or updated in compliance with the article 13 and 18 of the Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “For protection of personal data”. Written request has to be sent at e-mail address

OSHEE sh.a. in compliance with the Law no. 9887, date 10.03.2008 “For personal data protection” (changed) has taken physical, technical and operational measures to protect personal data confidentiality and to safeguard breach of security leading to the accidental, or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure.

Personal data subjects, collected and recorded in the OSHEE sh.a. database, will be processed by company’s employees and/or people authorized to do so. These personal data will not be transferred, or communicated to third parties, unless is approved from the subject, or requested by relevant authorities according to the law.

Individuals, at any time, have the right to refuse, or consent their personal data collection or use, which voluntarily submitted to the company, and demand for data deletion, exercising their right to dissolve the contract.

Personal data subjects acknowledge and agree upon conditions and terms, enshrined to this article, regarding OSHEE privacy policies.